Samsung Galaxy M30s Bricked devices - motherboard issues - replacement cost - boot loop - freezing - Refund and more
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Samsung Galaxy M30s – Motherboard issue, freezing, reboot & more after a recent update – Refund?

Samsung Galaxy M30s – Motherboard issues, after a recent update from Samsung, the issue started after June 2021 Security Patch update for most users, but there were some more problems associated with which users had, before this update, like freezing & reboot.


  • Samsung Galaxy M30s users in India facing – Motherboard Issues
  • Visiting Service Centre – Motherboard replacement as most devices are out of warranty so, it costs around 7,000 INR [7k-9k INR Based on Service Center]
  • Most common issues – Freezing & Reboot
  • Other similar specked Samsung M Series & A Series also facing issue.

Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s was launched on 30, October 2019 with Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box. As of writing this post, it’s been around 1 year and 9 months since its launch. So far Samsung Galaxy M30s has received 2 major android OS with Android 10 – OneUI 2.0 update followed by the Second update of Android 11 based on OneUI 3.0. The issues started after the OneUI 3.1 Core update.

OneUI 3.1 Core update :-

Some users in Asia – [Indonesia] reported few freezing & reboot issues in January 2021, but after the OneUI 3.1 Core update with June 2021 Security Patch, the main issues started while many users noticed a laggy performance and bloatware being added to the device – which we consider low issue level.

Medium issue level – Priority

Few users started facing consistent reboots from once a day to sometimes a few times in a day, And a lot of those users who are facing Reboot errors are also sometimes facing frequent freezing. Along with being stuck on the loading screen, like a boot loop.

Samsung Galaxy M30s - Boot loop - software crash - stuck at loading screen

Credits: Mukaboy | Montoo

High issue level – High Priority

Here is where the update issues get intense after showing the above symptoms. When the M30s User goes to Service Centre to check the issue, they have been informed of the spoiled or crippled Motherboard issue by the Service Centre. A username on Twitter by iivas has complied all users who are facing the motherboard issue.

Support him by Retweeting him or us on our Twitter handle, so the issue will be shown to concerned authorities from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy M30s: Motherboard – Repair Cost :

Now, coming to metrics and cost to repair the device,

A Twitter >> user posted — “the device restarts itself every few mins. I went to a nearby service Centre. They said it was a motherboard issue and asked me to get it replaced. Without any physical damage, how did the motherboard get damaged?”

Samsung Galaxy M30s - motherboard issue - cost to repair

Now, based on several Samsung Galaxy M30s users who have visited the service centre have posted the repair invoices, it’s not the same for every few users, some got repaired for approx [ ₹7,000 INR – Approx 100$ USD ] to [ ₹9,500 INR – Approx 130$ ] which is almost half or more the cost of originally launched price of the device that’s around ₹15,000 (plus or minus).

You can follow this thread for Invoices/bills of users >>>> Twitter

Other devices affected:

  • Samsung Galaxy A Series – A50, A51
  • Samsung Galaxy M Series – M30s, M31
  • And few others which haven’t been widely spread.

Samsung Galaxy M30s – Refund or Free of cost repair!

As we can see from Twitter, users are not happy with how Samsung is treating their valuable customers. Still, they haven’t given any clear instructions & acknowledged these issues as of writing this post. A lot of users are demanding for refund as the problem was created by Samsung.

Yes, they should definitely refund all the M & A Series users who are facing these issues & should replace the motherboard of whoever has or are facing this issue, they must get free of cost repair facility & software patch fix.

In our opinion

From, what we observe and notice this is an issue triggered by the Samsung software support team, they have bricked the M30s and trying to cover up by telling motherboard issue. Instead of acknowledging their mistake, they are technically minting money from their loyal customers.

Why do we think it’s important for Samsung to acknowledge this mistake, a few years back Galaxy Note 7 started to explode and quickly they took all the losses and retrieved the Galaxy Note 7 – All their users were premium customers, even if they didn’t refund it won’t matter much for them.

Now coming to Budget/Midrange customers, they work very hard every day to have proper living, Some use their device for online education and it has become a necessity to own a smartphone. At times like this were, the pandemic has impacted a lot, extra repair cost of 7K-10K INR is not acceptable for a mistake a user has not done.


One thing to consider for Refund is, If you have repaired your device from Samsung Authorized Service Centre, then only you can be eligible i guess [If initiated no gurantees] , If you repaired the device locally then there might not be an option unless Samsung feels generous enough to repay the cost.

Loss of Data: the underlying problem

Because of Samsung and their software update team, who are not working on fixing the patches, they are creating more problems for the user. Instead of fixing bugs they are adding lot of bloatware and filling it with third party apps.

The one underlying problem users face is the loss of valuable data. It happened to me long back, when I was using Spice Dream Uno [One of the first android one phone offered by Google], the phone got 2 years of updates then after that, the software got bricked again & again.

It’s like they are making a use & throw device which will last for 2 years, after that no guarantees, They cannot see this as big problem, even after chip shortage. As they have good motherboard stock reserved to fix the devices.

“Loss of valuable data & images which were kept as memories, For people telling use cloud – still a lot of people store data inside phone storage & don’t use cloud services. Because limited internet data.”

This itself, is a huge breaking point for a user, on top of that the repair invoice/bill is too much to handle for a common man.

Our Verdict :

In our opinion, share this post as much as possible or Retweet on our Twitter for this post, so that the concerned authorities at Samsung take action and refund the cost of repair & also provide free of cost repair facilities to whoever is facing such issue for all M & A Series of devices.

If Mi A3 users got, repaired – Samsung Galaxy M30s Users and other M & A series devices should also get refund & repair, If it has been impacted by software.

We want to make an impact, support us on Twitter if you have any issue similar to this tag us on twitter – Thank you & Happy reading 🙂

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  1. Brother I have same issue when I purchased my phone m30s within 2 month I had lost my data after that I massaged the support team they told me you have to store on cloud I said ok it happens

    Now I am facing motherboard issue first it got heated then hanged after that it got freezed and log appears when switched on..

    Now I don’t know what to do they will not listen to us
    I have given my device know to the local shop but it haven’t repaired…now I am hopeless as you mention due to lockdown it difficult to manage money as a student it is more difficult if you have parents who don’t like phone any ..

    1. Yes, we understand the situation, we ourselves have had a similar incident long back, brands take us too lightly. Our mission through our blog is empowering software, slowly we are growing but we will make an impact sooner or later. Even after raising so many questions, Samsung is yet to acknowledge this problem.

  2. My M30s has also gone rogue after 1 year use. Now Samsung is forcing us to by a new phone or repair the motherboard for the price of a new phone…No wonder why the Chinese companies are now gaining momentum over Samsung in all countries.

    1. Yes, Samsung is treating its customers nicely, after the recent incident Samsung has become from best service provider to worst. As long as the warranty is there they provide good service after the warranty period its business. I hope Samsung learns from its mistakes.

  3. I also have M30s hang / dead problem.
    Some chronology facts –
    Sometimes, the handset problem starts after warranty period. Samsung do not accept it as manufacturing defect warranted for replacement. Company divert consumers to service centre. SC ask why we have not opted for extended warranty. SC re-installs software and charge for it. Nothing happens and it comes to conclusion of mother board replacement with high top up cost. Samsung India knows this but takes consumer for ride.

  4. Same problem for me also , i bought m30s mobile 4 days before my mobile has freeze and restart then it will be continued again and again then i went to service center they told me it is mother board issue you can pay around 9k for this to recover. This very bad for midrange buyers

  5. I am facing the same problem with my M30s which is slightly more than 1 year old now. The Samsung service center in my place is asking me to replace the motherboard to fix the issue and that will cost somewhere around Rs.7500/-. This is totally unfair from Samsung, Myself and my family members have been buying only Samsung mobiles from the days when the mobile service was started. Now I am thinking of changing my mind and want to consider some Chinese phones which is much more reliable and affordable. Hope Samsung will do some thing very urgently to address the concerns of their loyal customers or else they stand to loose the Indian market to Chinese brands in a big way.

  6. subrata Datta
    I am facing tremendous problem with my SAMSUNG GALAXY M – 30S Thinking this would be reputed and best of others but has started giving problem just after 2 yrs of purchase.Phone gets switched off on its own frequently and does not restart properly. The device also becomes hot.How ridiculous? a reputed company phone has such a short life. As this is a manufacturing defect Company should replace mother board free of cost or at a discounted price. This has become common problem with SAMSUNG GALAXY M 30 S.

  7. Same problem faced by me… care told me 8200/- for motherboard…..I thought it was only with my phone….but now I feel cheated and I will never go with samsung….

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