Realme XT Android 11 with Realme UI 2.0 and September 2021 Security Patch
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Realme XT Android 11 based on Realme UI 2.0

Realme XT Software Update:

Realme XT Android 11 update now rolling out with Realme 2.0 based on Android 11 bringing along with it several new features the highlight three dark modes among others.

This update is rolling out in a staged manner with a broader rollout in a few days post ensuring that there are no critical bugs.

Also to receive this update, please make sure your device is updated to the required version RMX1921EX_11.C.14

Realme XT was released on September 2019

Update Details

  • Device: Realme XT
  • Android: Android 11
  • Realme UI: Realme UI 2.0
  • Build number: RMX1921EX_11.F.03
  • Update type: Software Update / Security Update
  • Android Security Patch: September 2021Expected
Realme XT Android 11 with Realme UI

Realme Community Page

Update Changelog:

  • Personalisations
    • Wallpaper can be created by picking colors from photos
    • Third-party icons for apps on the home screen are now supported
    • Three Dark mode Styles are available
      • Enhanced
      • Medium
      • Gentle with icons also be adjusted and display contrast be adjusted automatically to ambient light
  • High Efficiency
    • Sidebar Optimization : Two tabs with order of items customized
  • Improved Performance
    • Optimized night charging using an AI algorithm to control charging speed to extend battery life
  • System
    • Tone tunes can be added will be linked to tune a single melody
    • determine a time period to turn DND on
    • Addition of weather animations to provide you an interesting experience
    • Optimization of vibration effects for text input and gameplay
    • optimization of Auto Brightness
  • Launcher
    • Remove a folder /combine with another one
    • Addition of filters for drawer mode to filter letters, install time or usage frequency
  • Security and Privacy
    • With quick settings Applock on or off quickly
    • Low battery message will pop up when battery goes lower than 15%
    • Powerful SOS buttons
    • Optimization of Permission manager
  • Games
    • Addition of immersive mode that reduces disturbances
  • Communications
    • personal hotspot shareable through QR code
  • Photos
    • Addition of cloud Sync for Private safe feature
    • Optimization of of photo editing feature with upgraded algorithms
  • Camera
    • Addition of inertial zoom feature making zoom smoother during video shooting
    • Addition of level and grid feature
  • Realme Lab and Accessibility
    • Addition of sleep capsule to schedule and secure your sleep time
    • Addition of sound amplifier to amplify sounds in environment and soften loud sounds when wearing earphones.

How long did Realme take for major OS update?

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Months
Android 9 PieOut-of-the-boxSeptember 2019Nil
Android 10First OS updateJanuary 20203 months
Android 11Second/Last OS updateSeptember 202120 months
Roadmap of Android OS update (Realme XT)

How long will it get updates?

The Realme XT has received two major OS updates with Android 10 and 11. Therefore, the chances of a third major OS update with Android 12 are unlikely.

Hence, the Realme XT Android 11 Update is the last major OS update on this device.

  • ut-of-the-box>>> Android 9 Pie
  • First update>>> Android 10
  • Second update>>> Android 11 [Last update]

How to install the latest software update on your Realme device?

The Realme XT Android 11 based UI 2.0 is rolling in batches.

Once the update is available on your device, you can head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update section to update your Realme device with the latest security/software update.

How To Check Software Update On Any Realme Smartphone?

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll Down and Find Software Update; Tap On It.
  • And If There Would any Update available it will appear there.
  • Then Hit Download and this is how you can check Software Update on any Realme Smartphone.

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