Realme Android 12

Realme Android 12 Update list Based on Realme UI 3.0

Realme Android 12 Update list Based on RealmeUI 3.0

Google recently reveal Android 12. Some OEMs have already started the Beta version for some of their devices. Realme is one of them which started the Beta version and User will soon receive the Android 12 Update in their devices. However, there is no official announcement about the releasing date yet.

Realme is quite unpredictable for the android update. Realme usually gives two updates and some budget devices generally got only one update. we prepared the list of smartphones based on the pattern that Realme follow.

Realme UI 3.0

Right now very little is known about the UI, As we think Oppo the parent company of Realme is planning to takeover Oneplus & Realme Software section, and in many parts started testing ColorOS for their devices, but we never know how things go, and how users will react.

What we think is if they improve the ColorOS to that level, with new Google's material UI and provide fast updates, no Ads & bloatware. And more over maintain consistency on secuirty updates. Then switching to ColorOS is a good thing, but if they don't do that, then its a waste of money buying their products.

Because we put our trust on them, if they aren't commited on providing regular updates, then they should stop making them.

Realme always brings exciting new features and improvements in android update with every version of its custom skin, so we can expect that Realme UI 3.0 will also come with an optimized user interface, added features, improvements, new functionalities over the previous generations.

Realme roll out its first beta version 1 program

Realme is one of the OEM that launch a Beta program for developers. Realme GT is the First flagship of 2021 that launch by Realme. however, it is launched only in China, but we can assume that Globally It will be available soon.

Here is the List of Realme smartphone that is launched with android 11 and is going to get their first major update with android 12

Realme UI 3.0 early access program is already started in July 2021. This program launch only for limited selected devices. The Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 will likely release in September 2021.

Realme Android 12
  • Realme 8
  • Realme 8 5G
  • Realme 8 Pro 
  • Realme Q3 Pro
  • Realme Q3i
  • Realme GT Neo
  • Realme GT
  • Realme V11
  • Realme V13
  • Realme X7 Max

List of Realme smartphone that Launched with Android 10, now waiting for Android 12

Most of these devices haven’t yet gotten the Android 11 update yet and maybe Android 12 update won’t be soon either, you never know how things go as Realme is sub-brand on Oppo and there are few changes in their other companies as well, maybe we might see ColorOS based UI as Android 12 update lot faster & Quicker, only time will tell.

You can check the Android 11 List, right from here

Realme X Series

  • Realme X7 5G 
  • Realme X7 Pro 
  • Realme X7 Pro Extreme Edition
  • Realme X50 Pro 5G
  • Realme X50 5G
  • Realme X50 Pro Player Edition
  • Realme X3
  • Realme X3 Super Zoom

Realme 7 & 6 Series

  • Realme 6
  • Realme 6s
  • Realme 6 Pro
  • Realme 6i
  • Realme 7i
  • Realme 7
  • Realme 7 5G
  • Realme 7 Pro

Realme Q series

  • Realme Q2
  • Realme Q2 Pro
  • Realme Q2i
  • Realme Q3

Realme V Series

  • Realme V15
  • Realme V3
  • Realme V5

Realme Narzo Series

  • Realme Narzo Series
  • Realme Narzo 20 Pro
  • Realme Narzo 20A
  • Realme Narzo 20
  • Realme Narzo 10A
  • Realme Narzo 10
  • Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G
  • Realme Narzo 30A
  • Realme C21

Realme C Series

Disclaimer: As this is budget segment, and genrally they won’t recieve 2 Major updates, And may take long time as well, so have patience for the update.

  • Realme C15
  • Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition
  • Realme C12
  • Realme C17
  • Realme C2
  • Realme C25

Realme is one of the popular smartphone brands. It is cornering the high-spec, low-cost smartphone market. However, it offers limited android updates. Some flagship shows 2 android update but most of the budget phones offers hardly one or two android update.

As Android 12 Is the latest android update and Realme launch some beta program for testing purpose. We can hope that we will see these updates soon on our smartphones.

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