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Oneplus Nord 2: November 2021 Security Patch with A.13 Build

Oneplus Nord 2 Software Update:

Oneplus released November 2021 security patch for Oneplus Nord 2, along with further battery optimization and optimized VoLTE & ViLTE, For those who have no idea about VoLTE & ViLTE here is a small brief,

VoLTE: VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the technology that provides voice service for your phone. VoLTE calls use our more advanced LTE network instead of our older wireless voice network

ViLTE: ViLTE stands for video over LTE. It’s an extension of VoLTE, which enhances voice services with a high-quality video channel

OnePlus Nord 2 was released in July 2021 with Android 11, OxygenOS 11.3 out-of-the-box.

Users can expect improvement in battery & network mainly and more from this security patch update and have A.13 build.

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Update details

  • Device: OnePlus Nord 2
  • Android: Android 11
  • OxygenOS: OxygenOS 11 with A.13 Build
  • Build number: 
    • IN: DN2101_11_A.13
  • Update type: Security update/Software update
  • Update size: 645MB
Oneplus Nord 2 November 2021 Security Patch with A.13

Source: Our own Twitter Profile – Updatifynow

Official changelog

  • System
    • Further reduced system power consumption
    • Optimized the back-end management to offer better gaming experience
    • Updated Android security patch to 2021.11 – (November 2021 Security Patch)
    • Fixed the stability and fixed known issues
  • Network
    • Optimized the VoWifi and ViLTE experience
    • Optimized network connection stability

How long did OnePlus take for the major OS updates?

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Months
Android 11Out-of-the-boxJuly 2021Nil
Android 12First OS updateEligibleExpected 2022
Android 13Second OS updateEligibleUnconfirmed
Android Roadmap(Oneplus Nord 2)

How long will it get updates?

The OnePlus Nord 2 has been released with an Android 11 out-of-the-box. So, the upcoming Android 12 update will be its first major OS update.

OxygenOS 12 New Features & Eligible Devices

It is also Eligible to be on the Android 13 update list as well. And it may probably be the last major OS update on the device.

The OnePlus Nord 2 will get two years of major Android upgrades and three years of security patches reportedly.

  • Out-of-the-box: Android 11
  • First update: Android 12 [Eligible]
  • Second update: Android 13 [Eligible] [Last update]

Previous Updates:

How to update OnePlus Nord 2 with the latest update?

The OnePlus Nord 2 OxygenOS 11.3 with A.13 update is an OTA update. So, it is expected to reach all the users soon.

Once it’s available on your device, you can head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update section to update your OnePlus device with the update.

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