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OnePlus 9R Software Update: OxygenOS Update with July 2021 Android Security Patch and more

OnePlus 9R Software Update

On 28th July 2021, OnePlus officially rolled out the OnePlus 9R Software Update with the OxygenOS bringing the July 2021 Android Security Patch and some new features along with it.

The OxygenOS Update has brought the new Bitmoji AOD feature which will place your Snapchat Bitmoji on the AOD (Always On Display) screen. The update has fixed some known issues and has also optimized the system performance.

Similar to the OnePlus Nord CE 5G OxygenOS update, the OnePlus 9R OxygenOS Update is also incremental. Therefore, it will have a broader rollout soon.

The OnePlus 9R was announced in March 2021 and released in April 2021 with an Android 11 out-of-the-box.

Update Details

  • Device: OnePlus 9R
  • Build version: OxygenOS (OxygenOS 11)
  • Android version: Android 11
  • Update type: Software update
  • Update size: 330 MB
  • Android Security Patch: July 2021
Oneplus 9R - OxygenOS

Source: OnePlus Community

Official Changelog

  • System
    • Optimized the overheating control management of third-party apps.
    • Optimized the experience of Quick Reply in some scenarios.
    • Updated Android security patch to 2021.07.
    • Updated GMS package to 2021.06.
    • Fixed known issue.
  • Ambient Display
    • Newly added the screenshot feature for AOD.
    • Newly added Bitmoji AOD, co-designed with Snapchat, will liven up the ambient display with your personal Bitmoji avatar. Your avatar will update throughout the day based on your activity and things happening around you ( Path: Settings – Customization – Clock on ambient display – Bitmoji ).

Bitmoji AOD feature

The most eye-catching feature of the latest OnePlus 9R Software Update was the newly added Bitmoji AOD feature. This feature will add your Bitmoji on the AOD screen and will update and change throughout the day based on your activity.

The Bitmoji AOD feature has been co-designed by Snapchat and Bitmoji. This feature is now available with the OxygenOS Update for the OnePlus 9R.

Oneplus 9R - Bitmoji AOD

Credit: Swagat919 on Community

How long will it get updates?

This is a Software update for the OnePlus 9R and not the major/stable OS update as it already has an Android 11 OS.

The OnePlus 9R will receive three years of major OS updates and four years of Security updates.

Therefore, Android 12 will be the first major OS update on this device and it is also eligible to be on the Android 13 and Android 14 update list as well.

Check here >>> OnePlus Android 12 update list

  • Out-of-the-box>>>Android 11
  • First Update>>Android 12 [Eligible]
  • Second Update>>Android 13 [Eligible]
  • Third Update>>> Android 14 [Eligible] [Last Update]

How to update your OnePlus device with the latest Software Update?

The OnePlus 9R Software Update (OxygenOS update) is currently rolling out to some OnePlus 9R users. But, it is soon expected to be rolled out to all the users soon.

Once the update is available on your device, you can head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update section to update your OnePlus 9R with the OxygenOS

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