Netflix worth it in 2021

Netflix worth it in 2021

Netflix worth it?

Netflix is considered the most subscribed OTT platform for Movies & Shows in the whole world, they have gained their popularity because of their simple monthly cost, like the traditional cable tv, but with no ads, and huge library of Tv shows & movies to watch.

As of 2021, Netflix has 207.64 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the first quarter. Around 74 million Netflix subscribers are based in the United States and Canada. It made revenue around US$25 billion as of 2020 with a net income of US$2.761 billion.

Now coming to their original shows like – “Stranger things”, one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Around 40.7 million household accounts streamed “Stranger things” in just the first four days of the Season 3 release. This is just one example, How Netflix shows are popular now-a-days. 

Their original libraries include The WitcherPeaky Blinders, Dark, Altered Carbon, House of Cards, Marvel’s Daredevil are some of the most viewed shows on Netflix. Because of the unique and Diverse content, Netflix shows managed to earn viewer from all across the globe. Currently, Netflix is the most subscribed OTT defeating Amazon and Disney+Hotstar. 

Netflix accounts for almost 37% of peak Internet traffic in North America, compared to Hulu and Amazon, both only accounting for less than 2% of traffic during peak hours. This is the reason whatever you’re watching may get a little blurry or pixilated between the hours of 7 and 9 pm; literally, millions of other Netflix subscribers are also watching at that time. Netflix streams about two billion hours of material each month!

Why is Netflix so popular?

Netflix has more than 5,500 diverse titles including Action & Adventure, Anime, Children & Family, Classic, Comedies, Documentaries, Dramas, Horror, Music, Romantic, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Sports, Thrillers, TV Shows.

Netflix so popular because of the quality & not really for the quantity they produce.

  • Netflix offers original and decent content.
  • It has a decent collection of TV shows, Movies and Documentaries.
  • It offers exciting plans that are easy to access (we will discuss these plans later in this article).
  • In the 90s peoples used to buy or rent movies and to return after a definite time. But OTT such as Netflix accept only one-time payment (based on the plan you choose) and allow you to watch whenever you want.
  • Well, In the late ’90s very few people use the internet, over time, as the internet expands, more people are now approaching such OTT platforms.
  • Netflix uses creative marketing (offers some exciting discount, create photo effects on Snapchat and Instagram for the users) to attract more viewers. 

Netflix plans:

Netflix plans offer various offers for the vantage of viewers.

There are three subscription tiers: USA & Canada

  • Basic: $8.99 per month
    One stream, standard def at 480p
  • Standard: $13.99 per month
    Two simultaneous streams, high def at 1080p
  • Premium: $17.99 per month
    Four simultaneous streams, 4K+HDR

Change your plans – by following this article

Select your country and see the pricing plans – here

For Indian users, there’s mobile only plan as well starting from 199

  • Mobile-only ₹199 per month
    One stream, standard def at 480p – only used in Mobile or tablet at a time.
  • Mobile-only ₹299 per month
    One stream, HD at 1080p – only used in Mobile or tablet at a time.
  • Basic: ₹499 per month
    One stream, standard def at 480p
  • Standard: ₹649 per month
    Two simultaneous streams, HD at 1080p
  • Premium: ₹799 per month
    Four simultaneous streams, 4K+HDR

Why people don’t like Netflix?

  1. Netflix is known for its original and decent content but It does not have any live TV or sports.
  2. Netflix has content lock, for specific countries & shows, we need VPN to access different shows from other countries.
  3. Viewers always criticize Netflix for its high price, in fact, Netflix is the most expensive OTT platform.
  4. Netflix requires a high-speed internet connection. 

Is Netflix Worth it?

Well, we all are a fan of Netflix, Indeed. our appreciation of it far outweighs any grievances we might have. It literally revolutionized the entertainment world and make it so much easier than earlier, when we have to buy or rent a movie and have to watch it completely at one time. Now, things are different we watch our favorite movies and shows in the subway, supermarket or wherever we want on our smartphones or PC. 

Definitely Yes, If you’re a movie goer and love to binge on shows, its a life saver in this pandemic, staying at-home and subscribing to Netflix for entertainment needs is the most idle & safest thing you can do right now.

Yes, we can’t deny the fact that Netflix plans are costly but the quality they produces is well worth the price, I would suggest you can try some special offer by Netflix (which they launch occasionally) or can chip with your friends since you can use one Netflix account on one to four devices.

Yes, Netflix worth it in 2021, not only Netflix other OTT platform like Amazon, Disney plus Hotstar, HBO max, Hulu offer uniqueness in their own way.

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