How to stop corona caller tune in India 2021

How to Stop Corona Caller Tune in India – Airtel, JIO, Vi and BSNL Numbers in 2021

How to deactivate corona caller tune?

How to stop corona caller tune in India Airtel, JIO, Vi and BSNL Numbers is it possible in 2021!

With Covid Pandemic still showing up even after burying her fury in every wave it engulfed us with and slowly with third-wave showing its head from time to time. Telecom operators in a bid to create awareness of Covid and Its precautions relays a caller tune which seems to be highly disturbing to users when they need to call urgently to someone.

How to deactivate corona caller tune

The telecom operators follow an order laid by the government that has shared the audio clip with the message to telecom operators. The Department of Telecom(DoT) in an email to integrate the audio replacing the normal ring or ring back tone till the next order.

One of the telecom operators said the audio clip was not available on those numbers where subscribers pay for caller tunes. So this message begins with a coughing sound followed by a disclaimer which people find very irritating with people taking to Twitter grumble about it.

A user on Twitter quoted that,

“If you want to make an Urgent Call to Anyone, You can’t make it in India because of Corona Caller Tune

It’s more than a year .. .. Please remove the same….this is very irritating..and no one hears it also…Do you think….a person will continue to listen to corona caller tune”

How to Stop Corona Caller Tune in India for:

–>> Airtel, JIO, Vi and BSNL

Like this many people have also expressed their dismay over the caller tune. Let’s see a few ways to avoid the coronavirus tune.

  • BSNL
    • Pre-paid and Post-paid users of BSNL can send “UNSUB” to 56700/56799 to stop the tune
  • JIO
    • JIO users can stop the corona tunes by sending “CANCT” to 144 following which you will receive a confirmation message
  • Airtel
    • Airtel Users can dial *646*224# then Press 1. Alternate way is to secondly press * or 1 when you hear the covid caller tune
  • Vi
    • The Vi users need to type CANCT on their message box and send it to 144.

Note: Another way is to call our desired number and wait for the message and press 1 , leading to caller tune to stop for android users

Though we have tried the above process, most of the time it won’t work! We have doubts as we are not sure it will always work or not. We tried once but after few days it started to appear.

These are few ways to stop the caller tune but till government makes an official statement to stop the caller tune. But calls through Whatsapp, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger don’t play the message at all.

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