Android 13 Beta 3 New Features & List of Changes

Android 13 Beta 3.2: New Features & Changes

Android 13 Beta 3.2:

After the announcement of Android 13 at the Google I/O conference and the release of the previous beta updates of Android 13, Google has launched another Beta 3.2 update release for its Pixel devices. The first Beta program was launched in April 2022. It was the initial beta release which was launched only for the selected users who enrolled on the beta program.

Well this time, Beta 3.2 came with some visual tweaks and minor changes that we’re going to talk about in this article. The previous updates continued compatibility testing as well as monitoring feedback from Android Beta users. It also majorly focused on starting early testing with Android 13 and reporting any concerns to the SDK and library developers.

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From Lockscreen and Homescreen to all the bug fixes, Android 13 Beta 3.2 brings out some minor changes and bug fixes. Let’s dive deep into it.

Android 13

New Features of Android 13 Beta 3.2

  • Build Number: The build number for the latest update has been updated to: TPB3.220610.004. You can check if your latest version has the following build number. Else, wait for the update to be rolled out completely.
  • Lockscreen: Minor lock screen changes can be seen such as the vibrate icon on the lock screen which was only available when you unlock your device but now it is visible on the lock screen. In the latest build, the App icon can also be seen next to the artist while a song is playing on your device which wasn’t the case in the previous build.
  • Homescreen:
    • One of the changes on the homescreen is the new search widget lens. The minor colour change can be seen in the search widget and the system-wide search and the same goes with the chrome search bar.
    • For the system-wide search, now you have the option available in the Home Settings to switch on the “Always Show Keyboard” option which would open the keyboard every time you swipe up your phone on the home screen.
  • Gestures & Overlays:
    • In the predictive back gesture, as we swipe left from the middle corner while using an application will now show the homescreen in the background rather than a black screen which was an issue occurring in the previous build which has now been fixed.
    • Google also removed a gesture where we could start a new split-screen by tapping and holding on to the notifications. This gesture was available in the previous build but it has now been removed.
    • The clipboard overlaying menu no longer shows the edit button but a share button and if you want to edit the text, you simply want to click on it.
  • Battery: Under the Battery section, a new notification can be seen on the top of the battery settings with the name “Higher Battery Usage” showing all the applications consuming the battery the most. Under the Security settings, the Google Play System update is now running on July 1st 2022. In the previous build, it was running on June 1st 2022.
  • New Fixes:
    • Fix no.1 solved the back gesture issue in the Beta 3.2 update. In the Beta 3.1 update, the Back Gesture suddenly stopped working which was kind of annoying but gladly, it has now been resolved.
    • A blank white page with just the hangup button would be visible for 5 seconds after hanging up a phone call but the issue has now been fixed.
    • A picture-in-picture issue with Google Maps has now been resolved. The Assistant Driving Bar would not show up as you go back to the home screen but in all the previous updates, it stayed on for a few seconds before it got vanished.
    • There are a few more minor fixes and changes in some areas. You can check those changes in the official changelog further below.
  • Bugs in Beta 3.2: In the Schedules section under Do Not Disturb settings, when we click on the Gaming mode, it would suddenly stop working or sometimes shows a pop-up saying Settings keeps stopping. Another bug is the Gaming dashboard which wouldn’t show up when we start playing a game.

Official Changelog

  • Fixed an issue where the back gesture wasn’t working in some apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the At a Glance setting would collapse inconsistently when scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where some apps would crash instantly when opening.
  • Fixed an issue where the microphone would turn on & off unexpectedly during unrelated use of the device.
  • Fixed an issue where the Google Photos app would crash frequently.

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